(Of lat.: pigmentum = painting color) are “colorants which - in their carrier medium - are insoluble, inorganic or organic, colored or achromatic and which eventually also have a filler-character”.

Pigments are usually named with common names, trade names and designations of the Colour Index (C.I. Generic Name) since - according to IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) or CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) - systematic nomenclature leads to inconvenient names.

There are three main groups of pigments:


  • Indigo

  • Permanent red

  • Brilliant yellow

  • Copper phthalocyanine pigments

  • Heliogen green

  • Various others


  • Titanium dioxide

  • Soot

  • Bismuth pigments

  • Oxide und Hydroxide

  • Iron cyan blue

  • Ultramarine

  • Cadmium pigments

  • Chromate pigments

Effect pigments

  • Pearl luster pigments

  • Light pigments

  • Aluminum and bronze pigments

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